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The Next U.S. President Will Be... Oprah?

A massive movement brewing in America

What's happening right now in America could end up impacting your finances in even bigger ways than anything you've seen before.

I'm going to expose the hidden force that will guarantee a candidate (we call her "worse than Oprah") a near-100% chance of winning the 2020 Election; and share with you the disturbing facts I've discovered about what our next U.S. President means for you and your money.

You probably aren't thinking about what might happen in Washington next. After all, Trump has cut our taxes. He's rolling back regulation. And the economy is booming.

But… do you really think any of these things is going to last?

My analysts and I have spent hundreds of hours reading the texts of every speech this up-and-coming politician has given. Scrutinizing her every media appearance and every written word.

To my knowledge, nobody else has gone to these lengths. And I doubt anybody else will—not until it's too late.

Based on what we've uncovered, we know exactly what platform this candidate will run on… what she'll promise to get elected… and what she'll ultimately do after being inaugurated. 

She's currently peddling a new book that describes her underdog story and political agenda, just like Obama did before his campaign. And she's assembling a campaign team of former Clinton aides.

She's headlining sold-out political fundraising events, raising millions of dollars for the Democratic party… and is already appearing on talk shows to discuss a potential run for president in 2020.

Her announcement to run could come any day now.

And she'll win because there's a secret force that guarantees her victory.

Even this early in the game, I am confident that her campaign will be focused on one very specific issue.

Here's what I mean…

America's #1 problem right now

There's a big, obvious problem in America today.

You can see it at the grocery store, in our schools, in your neighborhood—maybe even within your own family.

The rich keep getting richer… and the poor keep getting poorer.

This ever-widening gap is the #1 problem facing the American economy today.

What's behind this massive income gap?

In short, we're working longer, harder, and smarter… but paychecks don't seem to be getting any bigger for the average American.

Take a look:

But then, something significant happened.

As the Economic Policy Institute in D.C. explains:

“From 1973 to 2016, net productivity rose 73.7%, while hourly pay essentially stagnated… This means although Americans are working more productively… the fruits of their labor have accrued to those at the top.”

In other words, today's workers make LESS in real wages than previous generations… while producing more than ever.

Here's a chart showing what wages should look like today, if they'd kept up with productivity:

Today, the median family income would be $113,425 if wages had kept up with productivity, as they had for decades—nearly DOUBLE the actual number.

Instead, this loss of earnings for the lower and middle class has had a predictable effect on the economy.

In short: When workers are making less money, they use up more of their income to get by… spending money they don't have.

Which is one reason why 78% of the U.S. population now lives paycheck to paycheck, with essentially zero savings.

It's a vicious cycle. Lower wages leads to piling on more and more debt, which traps workers into dead-end careers making less and less in real wages each year, which leads to even more debt.

And yet, as this cycle continues to repeat, the rich continue to grow richer. The money accumulates to those at the very top—and continues to grow because they're more likely to be the owners and investors who benefit from increases in productivity.

Which is exactly what has happened…

In the 1960s, before wages broke away from productivity, the top 10% of families owned roughly 6 times the wealth of the average family:

Today, families in the top 10% have 12 times the wealth of the average middle class family... and own a whopping 76% of the nation's wealth:

They own 84% of the entire stock market, too. Compared to the bottom 50% of Americans, who together own 0.5% of the market.

And it's why in just the past 10 years, household net worth has jumped nearly 30% for the top 10%—while every other income group is poorer.

In fact, the wealth gap in America today is worse than in third-world countries like Rwanda and South Sudan.

This is what the 2020 Election will be all about.

Because unless something changes, the newest generation of workers who inherited this arrangement is in serious trouble...  

A hidden force that will guarantee a 2020 victory

Millennials, like ‘em or not, are in the worst financial shape of any generation in American history.

These young Americans owe the bulk of the $1.4 trillion of student loan debt outstanding.

Many of them graduated during The Great Recession, into the worst job market in 50 years.

Now, ten years later, millions of college-educated Millennials are stuck working jobs for which they're overqualified.

And because of stagnant wages, they're making on average 20% less than we were paid for the same work, at the same age.

Because of this, Millennials have delayed major life events like getting married or having children at the highest rate of any generation in U.S. history.

And perhaps the scariest thing is… more than half of Millennials have less than $1,000 in savings.

As their wages fell, the cost of living soared. Today, the average young American spends half his paycheck or more on rent. Health insurance premiums have more than doubled since Obamacare.

And even though half of Millennials have to work two jobs, most are really only getting by with debt. The average Millennial now owes more than $60,000, including auto loans and credit cards.

And they're drowning – with no escape in sight.

I see this every day at my office.

A team of Millennials helped me put this piece together. Millennials run my Customer Service team, edit my writing, and are some of my hardest-working, most loyal employees. Even though I pay 50% more than the average entry-level salary in Baltimore, these kids face a scary future.

It used to be the case that most hard-working Americans could find a job… buy a home… and save up for retirement.

But that's not the case anymore.

41% of working Millennials aren't even eligible for retirement plans through their companies. And even if they are, the average annual return of a 401(k) for a Millennial compared to a Boomer a generation ago is expected to be 46% less.

In fact, one analysis by the Employee Benefit Research Institute says that a 25-year-old will need to contribute more than DOUBLE the amount to his retirement savings than a Boomer did. And that's on lower wages.

So it's no surprise that two-thirds of Millennials aged 21 to 32 have nothing saved for retirement.

It's become impossible for the new workforce to break into the Middle Class. For Millennials, the American Dream is dead.

And their long-term future isn't any brighter. Best-case scenario, they'll retire at 75. Even then, it's unlikely they'll ever see a dime from Social Security.

Unless something big changes, this will be the first generation in modern American history to end up worse off than their parents.

And these are the “lucky” ones…

The two-thirds of Millennials who never went to college are even worse off.

In fact, from 1979 to 2015, the poverty rate among young Americans without a college degree has more than tripled

An estimated 7 million able-bodied Millennial men have completely dropped out of the workforce, no longer even looking for a job.

Which is why more Millennials live in poverty than any other generation in America, a Pew Research poll recently said, noting that “5.3 million of the nearly 17 million U.S. households living in poverty were headed by a Millennial.”

And again… there's no escape.

The only “hope” for this new generation is a politician who will free them from their financial nightmare.

Which is why Millennials are about to help launch the nastiest presidential campaign in history.

Free healthcare. Free college. Free everything!

Just you wait.

By making radical promises like this, the Democratic candidate in 2020 is virtually guaranteed to win.

At one point in 2016, Bernie Sanders had as much as 84% of the Millennial vote. Altogether, he received more primary votes from this age group than Clinton and Trump combined.

And now, for the first time ever, there will be more of these Millennial voters than Baby Boomer voters deciding a Presidential election… putting an end to 4 decades of Boomer control of the polls.

And what do Millennials want?

Well, consider how this “terrifyingly liberal” generation has spent their formative years. Active in all of the major recent protests: Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, “dreamers,” #MeToo, March for Our Lives.

Now, this generation of angry young voters will decide who the next U.S. President will be.

Even scarier?

According to them, this economy they've inherited is YOUR fault.

As far as I can tell, nobody else has gone through this worse than Oprah politician's track record, and figured out what she is capable of.

Nobody else is concerned yet about this massive new block of voters… and the promises that would speak directly to what they're feeling.

And nobody else has put these two together, warning just how dangerous this combination would be for our country.

Behind all the rhetoric and promises this candidate is going to make in the coming weeks and months are economic realities.

These decisions will not just affect the money you spent your career saving. It will also disrupt your current source of income—whether it's Social Security… a pension... dividends… annuity… or even a salary, if you're still working.

Which is why you must begin preparing now. So that when these economic disasters start to take place, you and your family will get through it safely.

As I'll show you in a moment, Warning Signs are already starting to appear, proving she has a near-100% chance of winning.

For 83 million hopeless, indebted Millennials, something big needs to change. And they're looking to the government to make it happen.

Which is why they'll support this progressive candidate in 2020 like no candidate you've seen before.

Let me explain…

Promise #1: A Jubilee

In short, the only way any candidate will win the 2020 Election is by mobilizing Millennial voters.

Which is exactly what I believe will happen.

You see, most people don't realize this, but there really is a secret reason Trump won the 2016 Election.

It wasn't Russian collusion… or an “unfair” Electoral College system.

It was simply because 1 million Millennial voters stayed home, refusing to vote for either Trump or Hillary.

Had Hillary made the right promises to target this demographic… she could've easily swung the election in her favor.

All a candidate has to do is motivate these young people to actually show up on Tuesday, November 3, 2020… and it's a done deal.

Honestly – it doesn't even matter if I'm right about the candidate whom I believe would be even worse than Oprah.  

And I don't have anything against her personally. I simply want to show you the facts of what I believe she'll run on, and the radical policies I believe she's likely to implement.

Quite frankly, it could be Oprah herself who ultimately runs… or Bernie Sanders… Mark Zuckerberg… Michelle Obama… or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson—all leading contenders for the Democrat nominee.

Here are the current Vegas odds for each candidate:

My money is on the woman at the top, Kamala Harris – who we call “Worse Than Oprah.” Or just WTO for short.

But that doesn't matter. They're all the same.

Each one will likely run on the exact same socialist platform I'm about to share with you.

Because the only way you get hopeless, debt-burdened young people to show up and vote for you is simple: By making the most radical promises we've ever seen in American politics.

Even though nobody in the mainstream media is talking about it yet, every politician out there today understands the consequences of failing to cater to this massive group of voters.

Which is why the #1 promise this progressive will make to Millennials is to WIPE OUT all their debt, and give them a clean slate.

The idea comes from the Bible, where it's called a “Jubilee.”

And it's happened several times before in American history. There was a Jubilee in 1933, under President Roosevelt… and again in 1971 under President Nixon.

The 2020 Jubilee would ultimately erase trillions of dollars of debt held by Millennials.

It may sound crazy, but many of our nation's elites are already calling for this radical idea to take place…

Folks like Carmen Reinhart of Harvard University and Stephen Roach of Yale.

In Congress, more than a half-dozen Jubilee-style laws have been proposed, by folks such as Rep. Kathy Castor and Senator Bill Nelson from Florida.

Many of the most powerful left-wing economic “experts” are calling for a Debt Jubilee by name…

We are long overdue for some kind of Biblical-style Jubilee… it would relieve so much genuine human suffering.
– London School of Economics Professor David Graeber

Think Jubilee, American Style… because it combines a sense of social justice with old-fashioned common sense.
– The national affairs correspondent for The Nation

We need a fresh start, and we need it now… we need… a Jubilee.
– Paul Kedrosky, a senior fellow at the Kaufman Foundation

A debt Jubilee for the masses—wiping the slate clean for millions of the most indebted Americans—is practically inevitable.

It's the easiest way for a President to “level the playing field” for Millennials, in one swift move.

I bet the first thing the next President does after taking the Oath of Office is wipe clean the $1.4 trillion Millennials owe in college debt.

Most of it is owed to the U.S. government, anyway. And it would cost roughly the same amount of money as Trump's recent tax cut.

The candidate I believe is even worse than Oprah has already gone after for-profit colleges with the hope of giving “students the opportunity to seek relief from their debt burdens.”

And in 2017 introduced legislation with Bernie Sanders to “make public colleges and universities tuition-free” for most Americans.

But I bet the next President will go even further than just student loans. After that will come the $1.2 trillion outstanding in auto loans.

Then the $1 trillion currently owed on credit cards.

This might even extend to mortgages, as well.

And while this might sound like good news to anyone with debt… in a moment I'll show you who's going to pay for it – and HOW.

Yet the radical promises won't stop there…

Promise #2: Socialized Medicine

If you thought Obamacare was a train wreck you're in for a treat.

The pendulum is about to swing back to the radical ideas of Bernie Sanders.

If you recall, during the 2016 campaign Bernie announced:

“Health care must be recognized as a right… The only long-term solution to America's health care crisis is a single-payer national health care program.”

Bernie has a new “Medicare for All” bill that has already been presented in the Senate. A bill that was cosponsored by this candidate I believe is worse than Oprah… arguing “Let's just do what's right… this is about a ‘right' – not just a privilege for a few.”

What do you think would happen to this law once she's in the White House?

This plan would eliminate deductibles, copays, and premiums for anyone who needs coverage. Eventually replacing private insurance companies altogether.

Which may sound great, if you've seen your health premiums skyrocket in the post-Obamacare years. Until you get to the section on how it'll all be paid for…

Get your checkbook out. Because this could boost your income tax as high as 52%.

Health insurance would become a single-payer system… fully taken over by the federal government.

And, just like a Debt Jubilee, many of the elites in our nation are already calling for this to happen.

As one Harvard Medical School professor recently declared: “Why wouldn't we do [this] for all Americans, not just people over 65?”

And President Jimmy Carter recently wrote in a Time magazine editorial: “The lack of universal health coverage should be a national scandal.”

And the idea already appeals to the masses. This radical Medicare for All idea is now supported by roughly two-thirds of Americans, according to a recent poll:

Now look, there's no doubt the healthcare industry needs to be fixed. Health spending shouldn't equal 18% of the United States' GDP.

But do you really think the bureaucrats in D.C. are going to find the solution?

And the handouts won't stop there.

We haven't even discussed the third, and perhaps most controversial, promise I believe the 2020 candidate will make…

Promise #3: Income Equality

The biggest promise the next President will make to win the 2020 Election is to ensure that every American receives a “fair, livable wage.”

In fact, in the book by this “worse than Oprah” candidate, she's written a chapter on this topic, called: “Income Inequality Is Robbing Us of Our Dreams.”

But I'm not talking about a national minimum wage, or anything like that… 

I'm talking about a brand-new nationwide welfare program. Where every American, regardless of age, race, employment status, or net worth will receive a monthly check directly from the government.

This idea is called “Universal Basic Income.”

It's effectively Social Security for everyone. Monthly cash payments to every citizen, with no strings attached.

And this crazy idea has already won the support of many of the radical Left's voices...

Universal Basic Income will almost certainly be part of the answer.
— Former Secretary of Labor for President Clinton, Robert Reich

Universal Basic Income will lead to a greatly expanded and deepened social economy… not subject to the discipline of profit maximization.
— Erik Olin Wright, the Marxist professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin

The Roosevelt Institute argue that a Universal Basic Income is a magic solution that would add $2.5 trillion to the U.S. economy.
— Researchers from the left wing think tank

It's backed by nearly every major Silicon Valley billionaire, too.

Including Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who says Universal Basic Income is a way “to make sure that everyone has a cushion to try new ideas.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently told the World Government Summit he believes it's inevitable that the U.S. will have to switch to Universal Basic Income: “I don't think we are going to have a choice.”

Venture capitalist Tim Draper proposes that the government pay everyone a Universal Basic Income using Bitcoin.

Even the “worse than Oprah” candidate I believe will win in 2020 has admitted that she's “thinking about it.”

This program will be sold to the masses as a good thing. As a way to rebalance America's wealth gap, and help Millennials.

Of course, they'll disguise it all under a different name.

It might be called a “Freedom Dividend” as one New York Democrat refers to it… or a “Human Security Plan” as Senator George McGovern called it in the 1970s… or simply branded as “A New Way of Living.”

But the ultimate effect of Universal Basic Income will be disastrous for ordinary Americans. Especially folks over age 50.

But whatever it's ultimately called, and however she ultimately achieves it, it all means the same thing...

You see, the only way Universal Basic Income would work on a practical level is for federal tax receipts to rise by somewhere between 50% and 300%.

And even if this happens, all it does is simply redistribute trillions of dollars to every American. It does not create trillions of dollars of new wealth.

As the economist Charles Hugh Smith eloquently puts it in a recent book:

This free money machine is the equivalent of adding a zero to all the currency bills and declaring that everyone is ten times wealthier now. But as we've seen (and history shows), all that happens is a $5 loaf of bread is repriced to $50.

Yet would you believe that roughly half the country already supports this idea?

And can you guess which demographic has the highest level of support?

Yep… the Millennials.

Which is why the idea is rapidly gaining support in the Democratic Party. They're starting to understand just how critical this voting block is, if they want to regain control of the government.

In fact, Congressman Keith Ellison, deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, recently announced that he believes Universal Basic Income “has a lot of merit” right now.

Of course, it wouldn't be the first time a broad-reaching welfare program like this is implemented in America…

After the Civil War, hundreds of thousands of American widows or orphans were struggling to get by. So a Civil War Pension program was passed in 1862, providing heirs with checks based on what the deceased veteran was making.

Then came the Great Depression, which left more than half of the elderly population in poverty. So upon winning the Democratic nomination in the 1932 Presidential Election, Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed a New Deal that ultimately created Social Security to help retirees.

You may remember when President Lyndon Johnson declared “unconditional war” on poverty in the 1960s. So he created the modern welfare system of Medicare and Medicaid… expanded Social Security benefits… and the Food Stamps program.

Today, the U.S. spends $1 trillion, through more than 80 socialized programs, to “help out” low-income individuals.

According to some estimates, Universal Basic Income would cost as much as $4.3 trillion a year—more than quadruple the amount we spend on entitlement programs today.

But our federal government is 100% tapped out. There's not a penny available for a program like this.

We've already had to borrow nearly $1 trillion in 2018—just to cover the federal government's spending. Adding more and more every year to the $21 trillion in outstanding U.S. government debt. Within 5 years the interest alone on this debt will eclipse the massive amount of money we spend on the U.S. military.

There's simply no more money available. So a program like this would be a huge, huge hit to the economy. It will crush businesses, the stock market, and have far-reaching impacts on the way of life we've enjoyed for decades.

But the facts don't matter to these ultra left-wing progressives. Which is why I have no doubt that Universal Basic Income will be the magic solution they'll promise to the masses.

In fact, a real-world test of this program already launched in a small city in California last fall. Branded on the notion that “cash is an effective way to rebuild the American middle class.”

But it's about to happen on a much larger scale, my friend…

Today, for 83 million Millennials and the 80% of Americans who are trapped under debt with no way out, there's no more powerful political promise than the promise of wiping the slate clean… granting free healthcare… and free money.

I will wipe out your student debts.
I will allow you to start fresh.
I will cover your healthcare bills.
I will solve America's massive income inequality with stable monthly checks.

And Millennials will eat it up.

Heck, half the young people in America today no longer believe in capitalism, according to a recent Harvard poll. Some will even tell you the reason they're not saving for retirement is because they think capitalism will be gone by the time they retire.

These young people have no objection whatsoever to a socialist solution to their financial nightmare.

But behind these radical political promises are economic realities. And each of these promises, once implemented, will have widespread consequences in our economy.

As one expert put it:

A democracy… can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy.

In short, the Progressive platform for 2020 will be the beginning of the end of America as we know it.

These programs will destroy our country and our economy. So you better be ready.

It will cause inflation to skyrocket out of control. It will send yields higher… crippling the bond market, and sending stocks plummeting—50% or more.

Even if you have only a minor amount of money saved, you'll be an easy target for the IRS, who will begin mailing letters out to folks who “have too much.”

You can bet they'll also target profitable companies that are “making too much.” Including hundreds of public companies you're probably invested in. Just imagine what will happen to your dividend payouts… and to the stock market as a whole.

We may be 2 years away from the 2020 Presidential Election. An official Democratic nominee has not been named yet. But this WILL be the platform she or he will run on. There's no doubt about it.

And 83 million Millennials, trapped under trillions of dollars of debt, with absolutely no way out, will make the 2020 Election a nightmare for older Americans – mark my words.

Who do you think they'll vote for: A candidate who promises more of the same? Or a candidate who promises to grant all their wildest dreams… and give them a fresh start and free money?

In just a moment, I'll show you 3 Warning Signs that prove this nightmare scenario is already underway.

In other words, if you wait too long to get ready, you're going to be in for a rude awakening. In all likelihood, you'll be too late.

3 Warning Signs already appearing

The first warning sign happened in December 2017 in Alabama, with Democrat Doug Jones's surprise defeat of Republican Roy Moore.

Alabama has voted Republican for the past 10 Presidential Elections. The state voted for Trump in 2016. So it should have been a “sure thing” for the Republican candidate, after receiving Trump's endorsement.

But it wasn't… for one reason.

Millennials showed up to vote.

They didn't even like the Democrat candidate.

But enough of them disliked the Republican candidate that they showed up in large enough numbers to sway an entire election.

This is the first preview of what could happen in 2020… as more and more Millennials become politically engaged and set out to disrupt the status quo.

The second warning sign appeared in March… during a Congressional election in Pennsylvania. Democrat Conor Lamb defeated Republican Rick Saccone.

This victory happened in a district “drawn by Republicans to elect Republicans,” according to one political expert. A place where Republicans have dominated the landscape for so long that no Democrat even ran in the past few years.

The election also received more than $10 million in Republican PAC money.

And yet despite all this, the Democratic candidate won. And he did so on a platform focused almost entirely on expanding social welfare programs.

Once again, Millennials showed up to vote.

The Third Warning Sign has not yet come to pass… but once it does, watch out.

It involves the 2018 Midterm Election… and a scary role Millennials will play. And it will send the clearest signal to date that trouble is brewing for the 2020 Presidential Election.

In short, Millennials now have the majority voice in whether or not a national Debt Jubilee is declared… whether Socialized Medicine is enacted… and whether Universal Basic Income becomes reality.

You see, when the rich—a very small percentage of the population—get in trouble with debt, it's an economic problem.

But when the poor and middle class—a huge percentage of the population—get in trouble with debt, it's a political problem.

There will be major and very dire financial consequences for each of these “solutions” as they're rolled out…

Millions of investors, pensioners, insurance customers, and creditors will lose a fortune. Stocks will collapse. Dozens of companies will go bankrupt.

Of course, as soon as the White House starts to roll these platforms out, everyone will freak out. No one will know for months how this will all get sorted out. So the market will react violently.

What's coming after the 2020 Election will be a lot worse than the tech crash. It will be a lot worse than the mortgage crisis too.

No matter how sound your financial footing, this is the most important issue facing you and your money today.

Now, I realize that what I've described to you here – America's first Socialist President, and the disastrous effects her progressive platform would have on the U.S. economy – is controversial.

But what can our leaders do? The crowds are only going to get angrier and more violent.

A plan to wipe out the debts of millions of Millennials… and give them Socialized Medicine and Universal Basic Income is the only answer.

My research team and I have done more work on this subject than anyone else in the financial industry—and we've just finished what could become the most important book leading up to the 2020 Election and in the months that follow.

It's called: The Battle for America. And it explains more details about these critical problems looming in America's short-term future… and what you MUST do now to survive in the coming years.

Get the facts for yourself. Learn what you can do now.

Porter Stansberry founded Stansberry Research in 1999 with the firm's flagship publication, Stansberry's Investment Advisory. He is also the host of Stansberry Investor Hour, a weekly broadcast that has quickly become one of the most popular online financial radio shows. At Stansberry Research, Porter oversees more than twenty of the best editors and analysts in the business, who do an exhaustive amount of real-world, independent research.