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The Next U.S. President Will Be... Oprah?

If you're over the age of 50, and have more than $50,000 saved, get ready for the ugliest Presidential election of your lifetime.

A recent poll published in U.S. News and World Report now shows Oprah Winfrey as the clear winner in 2020. Beating President Trump by 13%.

But that's not the scary part.

Oprah made her $3 billion fortune by building businesses and making smart investments. She understands economics. She'd at least be reasonable.  

The scary part is that Oprah is not going to become the next President.

Neither is Trump.

A hidden force now virtually guarantees that someone even more radical than Oprah will become President in 2020.

This candidate is not a business leader. She's never spent a day in business.

As far as I can tell, there's nothing reasonable about her.

She's a progressive demagogue. And she'll win by running on the most radical political platform our nation has ever seen.

If you were put off by Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign, or couldn't believe how popular Bernie Sanders's socialist platform was… just wait.

This 2020 Presidential Campaign will "out-liberal" anything you've ever seen.

She's Bernie 2.0

She's worse than Oprah.

She'll make Barack Obama seem like a moderate.

Our next president will proudly proclaim her socialistic, "social justice" roots, and will offer our fellow citizens more handouts than every other president, combined.

Frankly, she scares me to death… and she should scare you…

Ordinarily someone this radical wouldn't have any chance at being elected.

But, there's a new, incredibly powerful hidden force, in our country. I'll explain in just a minute. This new political force virtually guarantees she'll win.

Once you understand this hidden force and who's behind it… you'll see why 83 million Americans will support her, and launch the largest grassroots campaign in political history to put her in the White House.

But, as I'll show you, the steps she takes during her first 100 days in office will send our nation into one of the worst financial crisis in history, creating a nightmare for Baby Boomers.

Your savings could be wiped out. The stock market could crash by 50% or more. The way of life you've enjoyed for 40 years could end, disrupting your retirement.

On the next page, I'll show you 3 Warning Signs to be on the lookout for. Red flags that are already starting to appear, proving that this nightmare scenario is already coming to pass. 

Pay close attention. Because if you sit on the sidelines and do nothing to prepare, you will fall victim to the next President's radical agenda in ways you probably won't even believe are legal.

But they are… and this unexpected politician will make sure it happens.

Let me show you what I mean on the next page.

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