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This Keystone Technology Will Spark the Next Industrial Revolution

The Real Force Behind America's Wealth

You see, there have been three industrial revolutions in America over the past 200 years.

And at the heart of each one... a core technology — a technology so critical, so revolutionary, that it singlehandedly drives all other technologies in the revolution...

Let me show you an example...

During the first industrial revolution this central technology was the steam engine.

The steam engine was critical because it powered a new generation of factories, which ended our reliance on water power and enabled us to build factories literally anywhere in the country...

It gave rise to locomotives, and steam-powered ships, which greatly reduced transportation time across our vast nation...

The steam engine made the power loom possible, which multiplied the speed of making clothing, textiles... and paved the way for a myriad other inventions, such as the cotton gin, and tractors.

In other words, without the steam engine, America’s first industrial revolution simply would not have been possible!

It was the same story for the critical technology at the center of America’s second Industrial Revolution... the harnessing of electrical power.

Electricity forever changed communication as it made groundbreaking technologies like the telegraph and telephone possible.

Electricity powered assembly lines, which allowed for mass production of automobiles, among other things... it powered the light bulb, which gave us cheap and efficient light... refrigerators, to store our food... washing machines, and air conditioning.

Then, during the 1990s, we witnessed the birth of the third industrial revolution, the digital age.

The critical technology at the heart of this revolution was, of course the Internet, which paved the way for world-changing inventions such as smartphones, mobile payments, online banking, social media, and revolutionary new businesses like Google, Netflix, and Amazon. 

Now... massive technological revolutions like these are incredibly rare — there have only been three in all of America’s history. But the key thing to remember here is that they’re responsible for some of the greatest fortunes the world has ever seen.

Think Vanderbilt... Rockefeller... Ford... Carnegie... Gates... Jobs... Zuckerberg...

The kind of wealth that lasts for generations.

The majority of the world’s greatest fortunes have been built on, or dependent on one of these three critical technologies.  

Our firm gives these kinds of critical technologies — the ones at the center of each industrial revolution — a name.

We call them “Keystone” technologies.

Why do we call them this?


You see, a keystone is the central and most important piece in an arch — one of the strongest structures in the world.


Without the keystone, the rest of the structure would crumble and fail.

The steam engine, for example, was the critical “Keystone” that made the first industrial revolution possible... it was the ONE technology that made everything else — locomotives, the power loom, cotton gin, and a new generation of state-of-the-art factories — a reality. Take away the steam engine and all these other inventions would have ceased to exist.

The Steam Engine was the "keystone" for the first industrial revolution


Just like electrical power was the critical “Keystone” that made the second industrial revolution possible... It was the critical driver of new technologies like assembly lines, the telegraph, telephone, the light bulb, washing machines and air conditioning. Without electricity, these breakthroughs simply would not have been able to exist.

Electricity was the "keystone" for the second industrial revolution


And the Internet, which anchored the third industrial revolution... allowing smartphones, mobile payments, social media, Netflix, Amazon, and Google. Again, without this Keystone technology, these breakthroughs could have simply never happened.

The Internet was the "keystone" for the third industrial revolution


Like I said, folks who have been fortunate enough to get in early on these great revolutions have been able to create legacy-sized wealth...

And I’ve put together this presentation because right now, we are at the forefront of the NEXT industrial revolution...

And at the heart of it — just like all the others that came before it — lies a new and critical technology...

The FOURTH Keystone — A technology so big and so powerful it will singlehandedly drive all other technologies over the next several decades...

What is this technology exactly, and how can you invest in it to potentially make a fortune?

I’ll show you...

The Missing Piece for Unlocking the Future

For years we’ve been promised big breakthroughs like Artificial Intelligence... Driverless cars... Augmented and Virtual reality... and the Internet of Things...

That these technologies will change every aspect of our lives.

Up until now, each one of these technologies has remained exactly that... a promise.


You see, in order to bring these technologies into the mainstream, one critical piece of the puzzle has always been missing...

I’m talking, of course, about the next Keystone technology.

The FOURTH Keystone.

Forbes, for instance, says that once this critical technology is in place, driverless cars will finally be possible...

Goldman Sachs calls it the “unifying fabric” that will bring the Internet of Things into the mainstream...

TechRepublic says it will power innovations in Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

You see, the fourth  “Keystone” will not only make each and every one of these amazing technologies possible, but a very real part of our daily lives...

It’s the ONE technology that’s going to fuel ALL the technologies of the future... and it’s finally here.

And like I’ve been saying, investors who get in on this massive new technology BEFORE it’s rolled out on a mass scale could not only make an absolute fortune... but also build the kind of wealth that lasts for the next 100 years or more.

That’s a bold promise, I know.

Investing always comes with a certain amount of risk, so I never recommend my readers invest more than they could afford to lose.

But I think that once you see what this technology is, you’ll certainly agree.

I’m talking about a breakthrough technology called 5G.

Forbes calls 5G, “The next frontier and it will open up a completely different world”...

And that it will “create an entirely new class of devices and services that will change our lives forever.”

CNBC had this to say about 5G, “The tech economy depends on it, without it the technology revolution stops.”

So, what is 5G exactly?

How does it work?

And why is it so revolutionary?

Let me show you...

The Dawn of a New Age

5G is all about one thing: Sending massive amounts of data across the Internet at incredibly fast speeds...

And while this concept might seem basic, as you’re about to see, there is absolutely nothing basic about 5G technology.

You see, although you may not realize it, we’ve been living in the “Dark Ages” of mobile Internet speed ever since, well... the birth of the Internet.

Have a look, for example, at the first few generations of data speed technologies...

evolution of speed

1G was the first data technology and allowed for basic cell phone voice service... And nothing else.

2G was a shift to digital technology which enabled text messaging.

If we were still using 2G now, it would literally take 180-times as long as it does now to download a photo...

140-times as long to download a song... and over 160-times longer to download an app on your phone!

Then, of course, came 3G and the rise of smart phones. This is where consumers first got a taste of email and web browsing on their phone.

At its peak, 3G was 140 times faster than 2G. Apple and the iPhone owe their rapid growth to the advent of the 3G network.

4G was built primarily for more data as consumers adopted the “anytime, anywhere” mindset for media consumption.

Facebook and Netflix wouldn’t be the behemoths they are today without the advent of 4G, which made social media and streaming movies possible.

But despite the massive growth from 1G to 4G, we’re still using a remarkably PRIMITIVE and SLOW data infrastructure!

For every single device 4G can currently support, 5G can support 1000 times more devices.

That’s why 5G is so critical.

Today, 5G will allow for up to 1000 times more data than 4G.

In other words, for every single device 4G can currently support, 5G can support 1,000 times more devices.

In short, THIS is the technology that we’ve been waiting for... the one at the center of the next generation of mind-blowing advances...

And I’m not the only one saying this...

The Hill calls 5G the “key to unlocking the digital future.”

One industry publication said, “5G is set to take the world by storm.”

And Tech Radar says, “5G will be far more life-changing than you think.”

But most importantly, like every Keystone technology that came before it, 5G will be the rocket fuel that launches us into the future as it unlocks countless new technologies and ushers in the next great industrial revolution.

Take, for instance, the Internet of Things...

FINALLY... the Internet of Things Is Here!

$1.39 Trillion.

That’s the estimated value of the Internet of Things market right now.

This is the breakthrough technology that enables physical devices to “talk” to each other and operate with increased efficiency... making everything from smart cars... to smart appliances... to entire smart cities and grids, possible.

Basically, if it’s electric, the IoT will make it smarter, faster, or more efficient.

Which is why NBC News said, “the Internet of Things will change everything.”

Now, thanks to the advent of 5G technology, companies are going to spend a massive $5 TRILLION on the Internet of Things in the next few years.

In the coming months, the Internet of Things will explode into mass adaptation. Our daily lives will be forever changed...

Cities will soon monitor the structural health of every building, bridge, water main, and road, preventing major breakdowns in infrastructure...

Knowing in real time how structurally safe an overpass is or catching a leaky gas line before it explodes not only saves a ton of money but lives too.

Power grids will direct electricity only to where it’s needed, allowing for massive savings on the city and consumer level.

San Diego, for example, estimates that it should save the taxpayers $1.9 million a year by simply installing ‘smart’ street lights. And they’re just getting started.

Cities like Barcelona, New York, Miami, Copenhagen and many others are all heavily investing in building the Smart Cities of the future.

But the benefits will also be felt way outside the city limits too.

Farmers will be able to monitor natural conditions like humidity, air temperature and soil quality in real time, allowing for better water usage and pinpointing the best time to harvest crops for the highest yield, leading to less waste and more profit. 

It will help prevent the 420,000 people who die every year due to food-born illnesses.

IBM’s Internet of Things platform is allowing for more transparency across the entire supply chain, leading to an unprecedented awareness of food quality and safety. 

This Keystone tech partnered with the Internet of Things will make every industry more efficient and stop epidemics in their tracks.

But it doesn’t stop there...

Get Ready for Driverless Cars

As early as a few years ago, the idea of driverless cars seemed like something only possible in a sci-fi flick...

Forbes even ran an article summing up the problem...

“Autonomous Cars Won’t Work — Until We Have 5G”

But now, because of 5G it’s practically here!

Experts are now predicting 10 million self-driving cars will be on the road by 2020.

And the market for autonomous cars and driver assisted vehicles will grow from $3 billion in 2015 to $96 billion by 2025, which is a 3,100% grow rate in just a handful of years.

So, just how crucial is it to have 5G for driverless car technology?

Consider this...

Experts estimate that a driverless car traveling at 60 miles per hour currently takes 4.6 feet to stop once sensing an object. With 5G, it will only take one inch.

That’s HUGE and it means the difference between life and death for millions of pedestrians and commuters.

Especially when you consider 1.3 million people die in road crashes every year.

But increased safety isn’t the only benefit...

The average American worker will reclaim hundreds of hours every year once driverless cars own the road.

San Jose, Ann Arbor, Boston, Pittsburg and Austin — including 19 other US cities — all have pilot programs already in place.

And as of today, there are over 106 major cities across the globe — like Dubai, Singapore, London, Sydney, and Amsterdam to name a few — all preparing for or already allowing driverless cars.

This wouldn’t have been the case even a year ago.

In short, without this 5G technology, driverless cars never stood a chance. Now that future is practically here.

Again, it doesn’t stop there.

Welcome to the Age of Man AND Machine

When you think about Artificial Intelligence and robotics, what comes to mind?

Do you picture a utopian society full of relaxation? Or do you picture something that resembles a scene from Terminator?

Regardless of your opinion, we’re just beginning to understand the impact both Artificial Intelligence and robotics will have on our lives, thanks to this keystone tech.

For example, the world’s best surgeons will be able to operate on patients on the other side of the world using surgical robots and live camera feeds — a feat that simply is not possible without the real time speed that 5G offers.

With 5G speeds these remote surgeries will now become common practice.

Artificial Intelligence using 5G will be able stop deadly diseases from spreading by accurately predicting where an outbreak will occur, giving medical professionals real-time data, including precise locations, to full-on stop an epidemic.

8.8 million people die every year due to cancer, with another 14 million being diagnosed.

But soon, thanks to AI working in tandem with the speeds of 5G, we’ll be able to identify tumors with 96% accuracy, while still in the early stages.

By catching it early rather than late, patients will get a fighting chance instead of a death sentence and it will lead to millions of lives saved in the future.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Augmented and Virtual Reality will FINALLY gain mass adoption

With 5G, you’ll be able to watch the Super Bowl or your favorite concert from the comfort of your home but feel like you’re totally immersed in the live crowd.

Grandparents will be able to watch their grandchild’s first steps in a way that a television or smartphone could never deliver.

The way our children and grandchildren learn will completely change.

Kids will experience interactive and immersive 3D recreations of famous historical events and battles.

And the nearly $2.5 trillion ecommerce market will get a massive boost as the uncertainty that comes with online shopping becomes a thing of the past.

You’ll be able to quickly scan your body and virtually try on clothes before you buy...

Or you can see how a new sofa will complement your living room in its actual setting before it’s even purchased and delivered.

Construction workers and maintenance crews can inspect piping infrastructure hidden behind walls before a single hole is made.

This will drastically cut down the amount of time and guess work it takes to locate and repair damage.

Firefighters will be able to put out fires while remaining safe back to the fire station.

This is only a small sample of what’s now possible.

Make no mistake, 5G technology is going to unleash a new era of prosperity and trigger a massive wave of innovation.

It’s the KEYSTONE technology that will finally enable the big breakthroughs on the cusp of becoming a reality...  the Internet of Things... Artificial Intelligence... driverless cars... virtual and augmented reality realizing their full potential.

Frankly, I haven’t seen anything with this much moneymaking potential in the nearly 20-year history of our firm.

Those who act now, while we’re still in the very early stages, will have the opportunity to create unprecedented wealth.

CNBC labeled 5G “America’s most important project.”

Barron’s said, “5G will usher in a revolution and have a game-changing impact on society.”

But what does all this mean, exactly?

Can 5G really do all of this?

Transform entire cities and countries — and the daily lives of millions of people?

Actually, it already is......

Thanks to one forward-thinking country we now have a glimpse into the future and the true potential of 5G...

Welcome to Tomorrowland

27 years ago, Estonia was a tiny castoff from Soviet Russia that barely mattered.

Today, according to Wired magazine, it’s “the most advanced digital society in the world.”

The small Baltic nation has become known as the “Silicon Valley of Europe.”

The reason why is simple.

Estonia is one of the first nations in the world adopting 5G on a mass scale...

The results are like something out of a futuristic utopia.

Parking tickets are challenged online, from smartphones...

They pay their taxes online too, in mere minutes (seriously, it takes the average Estonian just three minutes to do their taxes).

Prescription drugs are filled instantly and promptly available for pickup at any pharmacy.

No bureaucracy... no paperwork... no red tape!

That’s why Fortune magazine has dubbed Estonia simply, “Tomorrowland.”

The result is one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial societies in the world today...

Estonia now has more business startups per person than any other country in the world.

Which isn’t hard to believe considering it only takes five minutes to start a business there.

Internet access is considered a basic human right, like shelter or food.

In fact, it provides one of the fastest and most secure free WiFi networks on the planet... and I’m not talking about in a few coffee shops or a few cities... virtually the whole country is covered, even beaches and remote forests!

It was the first country to set up a nationwide network of charging stations for electric cars...

Estonia has successfully integrated driverless buses with no major incidents reported.

Robots are everywhere...

Delivering groceries and pizzas..., mowing lawns, even delivering drinks on the beach.  

The Estonian government — looking to be first again — is currently drafting laws aimed at providing the legal framework ensuring Artificial Intelligence and robots are developed and behave in an ethical and sustainable way.

Officials are even working on developing a nationwide “precision medicine” program that would tap into the genome of residents to better diagnose illnesses and create personalized drugs. 

Keep in mind: 27 years ago, less than half the population of Estonia had access to a telephone...

Now it has robots and drones patrolling its eastern border 24/7.

Today, it’s one of the most advanced countries the world has ever seen.

Its GDP is growing nearly 3-TIMES faster than America’s, its stock market is soaring, and the average resident’s income has more than QUADRUPLED since going digital.

And it will advance even more as 5G technology rolls out.

It’s easy to see why tech insiders and governments are rushing to get their money in front of this massive trend.  

The U.S. government will save up to $1.8 Trillion over the next few years, all thanks to 5G enabled cities.

Which is why more than 20 world governments — from the U.S., China, Russia, Brazil to the European Union, are shifting their resources to become the world leader in this exciting new chapter of innovation...

China’s already on pace to spend over $400 billion on developing its 5G infrastructure.

Which is why the Trump administration has made the deployment of 5G a top national priority.

The U.S. National Security Council argued “It’s needed to create a secure pathway for emerging technologies” and “to combat Chinese threats to America’s economic and cyber security.”

Every industry on the planet is about to be upgraded by mammoth proportions...

5G is going to disrupt EVERYTHING.

With every economy and society being transformed on this scale, there’s fortunes to be made right now, in the extreme early stages.

It’s like the early days of the last Keystone technology — the Internet, were a small initial investment can mushroom into an absolute windfall.

But make no mistake, we’re still in the early stages of this massive trend that will support the next decade or two of technology and service innovation.

And the biggest gains have yet to be seen in 5G...

How do I know?

For starters, most people, including mainstream investors, are still in the dark about 5G technology... they think 5G only means faster download speeds and better streaming.

It’s so much bigger than that.

And it’s important to remember companies are just starting to build out the 5G infrastructure.

Meaning this technology has not rolled out on a mainstream level yet.

But it won’t stay that way for long...

After enormous success in places like Estonia, companies are under the gun racing to build out the 5G landscape

5G will unlock $12.3 trillion in revenue across multiple industries.

For example, cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Stockholm, and Dubai have been selected from various companies as test grounds for 5G.

4G technology quickly grew to be one of the largest segments of the global economy, estimated to be about $6 trillion annually in revenue.

Making it almost as big as the entire global construction industry.

But here’s the thing...

5G is going to blow way past $6 trillion.

Global research firm IHS Markit found 5G will unlock $12.3 trillion in revenue across multiple industries.

And support more than 22 million jobs around the world.

For early investors, it presents the kind of wealth-building opportunity that could turn a modest one-time investment into an absolute fortune over time.

And for all the opportunity 5G presents, there’s one simple investment which could hand you the biggest returns.

In fact, we may never, EVER, get another chance like this, to get in at the very start of a massive “Keystone-level” technological shift...

This presents the kind of moneymaking opportunity that could turn a tiny initial stake into a fortune that could last for decades. 

So how can you position yourself to profit from this groundbreaking opportunity?

Well... because our firm has been at the forefront of massive breakthroughs like this before, I can show you exactly how to get started today...

The Single Greatest Investment for the New Tech Revolution...

To be fair, there’ll be a lot of winners in the race to 5G.

But as 5G takes the world by storm and ushers in a new technological revolution, the greatest potential for life-changing profits comes from one area in particular...

The secret?

Invest in Chipmakers.

If you think about 5G as the fuel of the future, then microchips will be the engine.

The companies focused on creating chips that send and receive the massive amounts of data required to power 5G will be the secret force that drives this revolution.  

You see, chipmakers are almost always the secret to getting rich with new technologies.

Just look at the personal computer revolution, for example.

During the rise of personal computers in the 80’s and 90’s, chipmakers went up by almost unfathomable amounts.

Intel for example, which supplied the much-needed chips for computer processing speed, shot up by an astounding 7,951% during this time...


A modest $500 investment could have turned into $39,757.

A small $1,000 stake could have ballooned into $79,515.

It was the exact same story during the explosive growth of the internet.

Cisco Systems, which manufactures the vital processing chips for Internet routers, soared in impressive 4,988%.

Cisco Systems

Once again, chipmakers prevailed in the smartphone revolution too...

Just look at how well these chip companies did during the smart phone build out...

chip maker no. 1

This chipmaker based in San Diego, California handed early investors 1,429% during the smart phone build out.

Enough to turn every $5,000 invested into $71,470...

Or turn every $10,000 invested into $142,941.

chip maker no. 2

Another chipmaker based in Woburn, Massachusetts returned 697% to early investors.

chip maker no. 3

Another company based in the heart of Silicon Valley could have turned every $5,000 into more than $80,000 during the build out...

Or every $10,000 into more than $161,000.

chip maker no. 4

Nearly 600% from this chipmaker based Boise, Idaho.

chip maker no. 5

And 945% from this chipmaker in the Netherlands.

It’s also worth pointing out, Apple — the world’s biggest, wealthiest company and one of the leaders in smartphones — returned roughly 582% over that same period.

Don’t get me wrong...

Apple was and still is a great company, but it’s important you see how well chipmakers can do when a tech revolution occurs.

These are some of the better examples, and not every investor can expect to see gains like this.

So, why are chip makers always the best?

Because every laptop, tablet, car, smartphone and any other electronic device you buy has multiple chips inside.

For example, one chipmaker supplies FIVE chips for every iPhone X.

So, for every iPhone Apple sells, this company sells five chips.

This is just one of the reasons chipmakers do so well.

Look, I think you see what I’m getting at...

The same story will play out again — chipmakers will be THE STORY as the roll out of 5G gets underway.

Just think about the hundreds of billions of new chips that will need to be created to connect every physical object on the planet.

Tech insiders estimate more than 1 trillion devices will be connected over the next 10 to 15 years.

Automotive... Financial services... Agriculture... Retail... Defense... Healthcare... Manufacturing... Media and Entertainment... Transportation... Public Safety... Construction...

It’s all about to be revolutionized.

Remember, the roll out of 5G is going to be MUCH bigger than 4G.

4G was an improvement, 5G is a game changer.

It’s why every tech insider and analyst at our firm is excited about this once in a lifetime opportunity.

And right now is the perfect time to stake a claim...

This idea has so much potential to hand you life-changing profits that I recently put together a special report called, 5G: The New Keystone Technology Igniting the Next Industrial Revolution.

This report lays out all the important developments in 5G and everything you need to know to get up to speed on this exciting new opportunity.

For example, this report details the #1 stock you should invest in as the roll out of 5G begins.

Remember: The key to success in the coming revolution will be to own the companies developing the critical chipsets — the ones going into smartphones... tablets... computers... medical devices... virtual and augmented reality devices... autonomous cars... city grids and infrastructure... artificial intelligence and more.

Among them, we've found one company perfectly positioned for success.

This firm is quietly signing deals with all the biggest corporations...

Already, it’s inked long-term partnership deals with the three biggest Internet technology firms: Amazon, Google, and Facebook...

Four of the biggest wireless carriers AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

And if that wasn’t enough, it’s even signed deals with 18 of the biggest electronics hardware suppliers, including HTC, LG, Vivo, NetGear, Fujitsu, Sharp, ZTE and more.

This company, hands down, has become the clear leader in the 5G chip revolution and stands to benefit most as the new revolution takes hold.

Just consider the smartphone industry, for example... by 2020, there will be approximately 3 BILLION smartphones on the planet. By 2025 1.5 billion will be 5G enabled.

And this company is forecasted to supply more than HALF of the core chips needed for 5G smartphones. .

What’s more, they’ve set up their deals so that they’ll get a royalty for every phone that uses one of its technologies for 5G .

But, of course, their deals go far beyond the world of smartphones...

They’ve partnered up with the biggest automakers too — companies like Audi and Ford — to provide the chips that will help bring driverless cars into the mainstream.

They’re working on the sensors to build out American’s smart traffic infrastructure and road sensors too.

Their chips are being deployed in 23 metro areas all across the U.S. from Atlanta to Austin... San Antonio to San Diego... Boston to Buffalo... New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville and New Orleans, just to name a few.

It’s amazing.

These deals are potentially worth up to hundreds of billions of dollars, yet I’m confident 99% of the American public has no idea this company is involved!

BOTTOM LINE: This company’s chips will be in EVERYTHING.

If you’re reading this on a wireless device, you may be using one of their chips right now!

Since its formation, this company has amassed over 130,000 worldwide patents and other intellectual property rights so their technology is protected.

In fact, this company’s products are so important to the development of 5G, it’s been considered a matter of national security by the U.S government.

Almost everything connected to the internet via 5G will either directly or indirectly use the type of chip this company makes.

It’s why I think this is single handedly, the easiest way to make a fortune off the 5G revolution.

But news of this company and the wealth building opportunity it creates, will soon start spreading like wildfire.

In short, you need to get your money there now, regardless of the amount, if you want to capture the full upswing.

Look, I understand this opportunity is a lot to wrap your head around but fortunes will always go to those who have the courage to act when others don’t.

If you have the vision to see how 5G will affect every aspect of society, you’ll be able to ride the whole trend and potentially create a fortune that could last for generations.

I believe the 5G boom could be a life-changing event. It is certainly one of the most important technological events of my entire life. It's simply critical that you know as much as possible about what's happening and how to profit.

Get ready. Be prepared. Make your best investments now, before it's too late.

The window is closing. The whole concept of 5G and how it will revolutionize everything is becoming more and more mainstream, every day.

Brett Aitken is a Managing Director of Stansberry Research. He oversees our editorial team and the various publications at our firm. He is also the senior analyst for Stansberry's Investment Advisory, the firm's flagship research service. Brett is an expert at analyzing global businesses, and works with more than 20 of the best editors and analysts in the business to provide high quality, in-depth, and independent research.